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When Does Termite Damage Require Structural Wood Replacement and Repair?

We generally recommend wood repair or structural wood replacement when termites, dry rot, or fungus have sabotaged the integrity of the wood areas of the home.


Quality Wood Replacement and Repair

Ronin Pest Control stands above other termite control companies when it comes to wood replacement and repair because all the repairs we do are  done by professional tradesmen, another reason you get  superior service from Ronin Pest Control.

Our customers know that when structural repairs are needed, only our own experienced carpenters perform the work. Whether it’s a wood damage project that involves  replacing a length of fascia board or anything more complex, including  deck work or carpentry services for the entire house to repairing damaged wood, we are the experts.

Complete Termite Damage Repair from the Company that Gives You Complete Termite Control

Many times there are additional trades needed to complete a repair project, beyond basic carpentry, including repairs to roofing, stucco and paint. At Ronin Pest Control, we specialize in these services to make sure that your repairs are performed seemlessly, leaving you with the feeling that no work was ever needed following termite damage.

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